A selection of Angela's stories

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Syria's exiled artists
Ivory Coast conflict isn't over
Tuva: Shamans don't want to be rich .pdf download
East Timor : Can the past be laid to rest? .pdf download
East Timor's past threatens its present
Laos reaps a deadly harvest
Sierra Leone: revenge & reconciliation
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A village to keep children at peace
Women in Gaza: how life has changed
Israeli blockade takes its toll on mental health in Gaza
Gaza's young unemployed find link to jobs through technology
World Malaria Day: why the need for overseas aid?
Haiti: A Search for Sanctuary
Winner of the Guardian International Development Journalism Prize
Grandmothers Go to Jail':
finalist Guardian International Development Journalism Award 2011
A village to keep children at peace
Malawi: Prepare to Survive
Kenya: Getting girls back into school
Niger: Food Crisis .pdf download
Togo: Time for Children to go Home .pdf download
Staring Death in the Eye
Miss Landmine
BBC World Service
Sport Relief 2010
BBC News
The village where half the people are at risk of blindness
Tuvans keen to protect traditions
Guardian Travel
English Journeys: From Sea to Sea .pdf download
Time to Dock at this Port .pdf download
Guardian Weekly
Togo: The battle to get more Muslim girls back into the classroom
The Times
Ethiopia. Sticking its red nose in where it matters
The Independent
The chosen ones: Slavery in the name of god
New Internationalist
Tajik women rally after divorce-by-text
How sex with widows helps dead men
Tuva: Balancing act .pdf download
Society Guardian
A little foresight can prevent a crisis
Writer Sue Townsend on losing her sight
Concrete to Coriander .pdf download
Adoption Today .pdf download


Angela Robson reporting from Ethiopia: photo by Frederic Courbet