A selection of Angela's programmes for the BBC

From Our Own Correspondent
Burkina Faso and Dubai
Tuvans keen to protect traditions
BBC World Service
Wrestling with God
The Refugee Journey
The Girls Britain Betrayed
Freetown Rap
Cameroon midwives training again
Gaza: Art Under Blockade
From Our Own Correspondent: Burkina Faso
Congenital Syphilis: A new test which could save thousands of babies' lives
Rwanda: A Story of Love and Forgiveness
Sport Relief Kenya
Ethiopia 25 Years on: Stories of Survival
Tuvan Throat Singer
Laos Bomb Hunters
A Bike Taxi Service in Sierra Leone
BBC Radio 4
Forest Foods: Africa's Secret Ingredients
Woman's Hour: Gravetalk
Woman’s Hour: A celebration of craft
Woman’s Hour: cosplay special
Woman’s Hour: child refugees
Woman's Hour Comic Relief Special
Woman's Hour Ghana Comic Relief Special
Mali Refugees
Haiti Camps
Adoption Parties
Comic Relief - Uganda's first school for young mothers
Comic Relief Feature: HIV Orphans Rwanda
Thalidomide Art - You and Yours transcript
The Phenomenon of Sandra Laing
Women of the Buddhist Scriptures: The Story of Sanghamitta
Women of the Buddhist Scriptures: The Story of Kema
Venice - the most feminine city in the world?
Women of the Qur'an The Role of Hava
  The Story of Hajar
  The Queen of Sheba
Health Check
Poland: Jewish Resurgence
Poland: The Power of Tradition
Czech Republic: I Never Saw Another Butterfly
Mozambique: Traditional Faith Healers
Scotland: Diving for Scallops
The sex lives of people with learning difficulties
Sticking its red nose in where it matters
Malawi Food Shortages
Khat in Somalian Community
Miss Landmine
Senegal: Pesticide Poisoning
Excision in Mali
Ghana: Wives of the Gods
Widow Cleansing in Kenya
East Timor: Women & Mental Health
Togo: Muslim Clerics call for girls to return to school
Niger: Food Crisis
Benin: Child Trafficking
Ethiopia: Women First
Donkeys - why are they so popular with women?
The women they left behind
Fathers in Prison


Angela Robson reporting from Kenya: photo by Andrew McConnell